NACAM's History

On August 29, 1993, a meeting was called to order at the residence of Mrs. Charlotte Mena and daughters Sorrel and Maureen. The meeting was scheduled and organized by Janet Ellis, with members of the Anglican Churches form the East Coast of Nicaragua, now residing in the United States. The objective was to help rebuild the church in Puerto Cabezas, but later escalated to include all churches and schools on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua. The membership shared a mutual concern regarding the deplorable conditions of the Anglican Churches suffered as a result of Hurricane Joan five years before and which had not been repaired or reconstructed to date, due to lack of financial resources.
Attendees were as follows: Hazel Hodgson, Paul Pacheco, Adrian Benedict, Lloyd Benedict, Janet Ellis, Constance Taylor, George Wallace, Charlotte Mena, Sorrel Mena, Maureen Mena, Luvy Sequiera, Stanley Hall, Emely Benard, Yvonne Gill, Kay Welcome, Patricia Mena-Gundvalson, Vilma Mena, Marvin Temple, Gladys Mena, Adrian Hansack, and Marvin Mena.
During the course of the meeting, a decision was made that more members should be invited to a subsequent meeting to increase membership and to form working committees for administration and fundraising. Today, NACAM is well known throughout the U.S., Caribbean, and Nicaragua. Funds are being raised by various community related activities NACAM'S first project was the Fence construction around the church in Puerto Cabezas.